FSU Formalizes Partnership with Namseoul University of South Korea

Friday, June 24, 2011

The formalization of a relationship between Fairmont State University and Namseoul University will result in increased academic and cultural exchange opportunities for students in the U.S. and South Korea.

On June 24, Dr. Maria Rose, FSU Interim President, and Dr. Yoon Hyeon Lee, Dean of International Programs and External Affairs for Namseoul, signed a memorandum of understanding. Located in Cheonan City, Namseoul has grown to an enrollment of about 11,000 students during its 18-year history.

“This partnership with Namseoul University will help to facilitate opportunities for our students who wish to study internationally, while also increasing the number of international students on our campus. Our international students contribute significantly to the overall educational experience at Fairmont State. They share their culture, history and viewpoints with us. They help other students, especially those who may never have the opportunity to travel around the world, to better appreciate a global perspective. Truly, they bring the world to Fairmont State University,” Rose said.

Faculty and administrators from FSU and Namseoul have been building relationships over the summer. Dr. Frank Lee, Assistant Professor of Information Systems; Dr. Sharon Boni, Dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health Administration; Dr. Nannette McDonald, Assistant Professor of Nursing; and four Associate of Science degree in Nursing graduates, LaTasha Anderson of Buckhannon, Rachael Sarkisian of Morgantown, Courtney Sayre of Evans and Rachel Parrish of Charleston, visited Namseoul for two weeks in May.

“It was a wonderful visit. The people were so gracious, and it was a nice immersion experience for our students to learn about culture, history, religion and health care. It is a life changing experience for students to travel abroad. Being in an environment where you may not understand the language or the customs makes students better nurses because it helps them understand others who might feel the same way here,” Boni said.

In return, Dr. Yoon Hyeon Lee; Dr. Kabyong Park, Professor, English Department; and Dr. Hee-Kwan Eun, Professor, Department of Sport Management and Dean of the Graduate School, have been visiting Fairmont State this week to learn more about its programs and the community.

“The Namseoul University delegation has had the opportunity to meet with the administration, deans and faculty members, and we have all participated in meaningful exchanges of information and ideas, especially related to graduate programs, nursing and allied health administration and sports management,” Rose said.

Dr. Yoon Hyeon Lee said the delegation has enjoyed its visit to Fairmont and that he looks forward to future collaboration with FSU. In fact, two students from Namseoul are already planning to attend FSU in the fall 2011 semester.

“We are interested in the exchange of faculty and students at the undergraduate and graduate levels--especially short, intensive programs--and studying language and culture,” Lee said. “There are many different ways we can cooperate. Faculty members can visit and teach. We would like to invite President Rose and Provost Christina Lavorata to visit us. We appreciate President Rose; she has been there for our every need this week.”

For more information about Namseoul University, visit www.nsu.ac.kr/eng.