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Academic Affairs Impact

Academic Affairs

The Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs provides administrative leadership for all academic programs, academic policies, academic priorities, and faculty affairs that affect the academic life of the University as a whole. The Provost Office works closely with the Deans of the Colleges and Graduate Studies and has the responsibility of making final recommendations to the President and the Board of Governors concerning the establishment of new academic programs and the appointment, promotion, and tenure of faculty.

Academic Affairs provides support for students and faculty in a number of key ways. This includes overseeing the Academic Pathways program which can help students discover and explore their interests and choose majors; publishing both the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs; evaluating the University's academic programs; supporting faculty professional development; and much more. Explore the links below to learn more. 

Office of the Provost

Dr. Dianna Phillips

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

 210 Hardway Building


The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of Fairmont State University and provides leadership and support, in the areas of academic and faculty affairs. The provost is a member of the President’s Cabinet and serves as liaison to the Personnel, Faculty Development, and Faculty Welfare Committees.

Emily Swain

Special Assistant to the Provost

 210 Hardway Building


Dr. Susan Ross

Associate Provost of Academic Affairs; Dean of Graduate Studies

 208A Hardway Building


The Associate Provost of Academic Affairs assists in the conduct of University academic affairs and many academic support services. The Associate Provost serves as the Dean of Graduate Studies, a liaison to the Curriculum Committee and General Studies Committee, and a point of contact about academic matters. The academic catalogs are updated yearly by the executive director.

Dr. Timothy Oxley

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

 224B Hardway Building

The Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs provides leadership and support, in the area of faculty affairs. 

Dr. Richard Harvey

Associate Provost, Academic Operations; Director, Falcon FastTrack Programming

 208B Hardway Building 


The Associate Provost of Academic Operations provides leadership in the day to day operations of the academic areas at Fairmont State University.  The Director of the Falcon FastTrack Programming serves as the liaison between the County Boards of Education and Fairmont State University in support of students wanting to take college courses. 

Pamela Stephens

Assistant Provost for Advising & Retention Initiatives

 248 Hardway Building


The Associate Provost for Advising & Retention Initiatives is responsible for coordinating with Student Success and Faculty to ensure that Academic Advising is effective as well as assists in retention efforts of the institution.

Frank LaFone

Director of Institutional Effectiveness

 202A Hardway Building


The Director of Institutional Effectiveness coordinates the analysis and interpretation of institutional data to assist in the process of enhancing Fairmont State University's goals as it relates to effective institutional practices and protocols.

Trish DeNoon

Coordinator of Academic Affairs

 224C Hardway Building