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Assessment Impact


The continual improvement of the learning environment at Fairmont State advances the rigorous, transformational education that is one of the hallmarks of the University. As such, whether you teach a single course or oversee an entire Course program, assessment can provide you with critical tools to collect, analyze, and advance the quality of student learning in a high-impact, data-driven way.

The following resources are made available to help you throughout the assessment process in order to develop the highest-quality learning environment for students.

Degree Level Assessment

Each year, academic degree programs complete two distinct and interrelated components of assessment. First, designated faculty review and develop measures for collecting data in order to evaluate established student learning outcomes for their academic programs. Read more on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Next, at the conclusion of the academic year, faculty analyze data from these measures to assess how and if desired student learning outcomes are being achieved and then make recommendations for improvement in the future. Degree program level assessment is completed in Taskstream.

There are two general designated institutional review and reporting deadlines established as follows:

  • September 1st: Complete the Overall Assessment Program Assessment Strategy and Assessment Methods/Metrics.
  • May 15th: Complete the Data Collection/Analysis and Action Plan for the upcoming academic year.

Course Level Assessment

Like degree program assessment, course assessment occurs through two iterative processes. First, the primary instructor of the course reviews and/or updates their SLOs and then selects measures for collecting data to evaluate established SLOs for their course. In some cases, these measures may be the same as those utilized for Course program assessment. There are no established institutional deadlines for course-level assessment. However, IESO highly encourages faculty to work with their department chairs and deans to establish milestones and processes that are flexible to the nature of the course. If possible, course-level assessment critical to Course program-level assessment should be completed in time to meet institutional deadlines for Course program assessment. Course level assessment is completed through Taskstream.

If you have questions about assessment in general or Taskstream, please contact Frank Lafone

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