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Syllabus Statements Impact

Syllabus Statements


The syllabus establishes the structure of the course and communicates what students will learn, how they will be assessed and evaluated, and what is required for them to be successful. The syllabus also documents instructor intentions and sets the tone for the course. An instructor can circumvent a host of student misunderstandings and grievances over the course of the semester by clearly communicating course expectations within the syllabus.

The mission and standards of the department, University, and accrediting agencies are also often reflected in the syllabus. Departments are required to store a copy of each course syllabus every semester for national accreditation and course reviews. Make sure to check with your Department Chair to confirm college or program-specific syllabus requirements.  

Blackboard Accessible

Faculty should ensure their course syllabi are uploaded as a PDF and accessible for students on Blackboard.

Common Course Syllabus

All courses at Fairmont State University share common syllabus components approved by the Faculty Senate in the Spring, 2021.

Syllabus Components

  • General Course Information
    • Course prefix, number, and title
    • Course section
    • Semester offered and year
  • Instructor Contact Information
    • Instructor name, phone, email
    • Instructor office location and office hours
  • Course Description (include any prerequisites/corequisites)
  • Textbook and Course Material
  • Technology Requirements
  • Course Delivery
  • Course Learning Outcomes
  • Assignments/Assessments
  • Evaluation and Grading Scale
  • Course Map OR Connecting Learning Outcomes with Assessment Measures
  • Course Policies and Guidelines
    • Communication with Instructor
    • Attendance Policy
    • Assignment Expectations (e.g., make-up policy, submission requirements)
  • Academic Support and Resources
  • Course Outline

Syllabus Template   

The syllabus template contains all the required syllabus components and suggested wording that is not required but frequently used.

Download Common Syllabus with Descriptions

Download Common Syllabus with Descriptions and Examples

Syllabus Statements