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Academic Program Review Impact

Academic Program Review


Programs are reviewed at least every five years to address the viability, adequacy, necessity, and consistency with the mission of the programs at the institution. Evaluation of programs is conducted through a self-study process and an external peer review, then culminating with a reflection and action plan.

Academic Program Reviews allow the institution to determine:

  • Effectiveness and appropriateness of educational programs
  • Program’s ability to respond to current needs, future challenges, and opportunities
  • Most appropriate interventions or actions

Program Review Management Team

The Academic Program Review (APR) Management Team is available to help throughout the APR process.  Contact information and APR specialties are listed below.

Office of the Provost/Academic Affairs

For general APR questions and tips on self-study reports, start with the Provost’s Office.

Dr. Timothy Oxley

Interim Provost & VP of Academic Affairs

Dr. Susan Ross

Associate Provost of Academic Affairs; Dean, Graduate Studies

Emily Swain 

Special Assistant to the Provost & Coordinator of Academic Affairs

Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Operations

Consult with IESO personnel about program assessment and student learning outcomes.


Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

Jacob Abrams

Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Program Review Orientation

  • The training will cover the purpose of reviews, the review process and timeline, data dashboard, evaluated components, and more.
  • Training is appropriate for Deans, Chairs, and appropriate faculty/program coordinators.
  • Training takes place in April of each year or by Deparment request.