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FSU Graduate Finds First Job in Familiar Setting Impact
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FSU Graduate Finds First Job in Familiar Setting

Dec 09, 2011

Tucked away in Colebank Hall, a Fairmont State employee writes programs and maintains applications critical to the operation of the University. The position in the Information Technology Department is the first full-time professional experience for Clarence B. Pearson, III.  And, the 2010 FSU graduate is determined to contribute and succeed from his small corner office.   

Pearson, a West Virginia native, had an interest in business and technology upon admission to a large in-state institution. Just a few semesters into his studies, the undergraduate learned that bigger isn’t always better.

“The first impression I had of Fairmont State University was that it’s a very small, close campus.  Because the class sizes were smaller, it’s easier to stand out,” said the Parkersburg High School graduate. 

From 2006 to 2010, Pearson watched FSU’s campus transform and grow while he studied Information Systems through the School of Business. Pearson remembers multimillion dollar additions under construction at the University. The Falcon Center for student activities became a focal point on campus. Fighting Falcon athletic facilities were upgraded. Bryant Place became the newest housing option for students. Most importantly to Pearson, the new Engineering and Technology Building became an inspiring atmosphere for classes.

“I see this University as taking steps to give us space to work. It was nice to have a new facility-type feel. I’ve seen a lot of changes since my first visit on campus,” he said.

At 25 years old, Pearson earns a paycheck from the same place he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. “I was pretty excited when I got the offer to work here after finishing my degree.” 

The alumnus is now a web application developer. “I’m very satisfied. There’s a lot less pressure here than I anticipated my first job would have. This has been a dream job, coming out of college transitioning into the real world.”

Andy Raisovich, Director of Application Services, oversees Pearson’s work. “If he’s interested in his work and happy, that’s the best way I can keep his talents here,” he said. 

The School of Business curriculum for Information Systems provides students with a foundation in the functional areas of business and a foundation in computing technologies that enables graduates to pursue both technical and managerial careers incorporating leading edge technologies in public and private organizations.

Equipped with knowledge from that program, Pearson now helps support systems integral to FSU. Upon request, he gathers and shares information and statistics with administrative and academic departments regarding enrollment figures, recruitment and applications. He’s assisted in the publishing of applications to better help department leaders gain online information from current and prospective students. Plus, Pearson is actively involved in the development of future web applications for browsers on-the-go. 

As a student and the 2009-2010 President of the Information Systems Student Organization at FSU, he acquired hands-on experience in a number of areas. Pearson assisted in computer system repairs for fellow students, worked on web developments for organizations, gave speeches on the latest in information technology systems, organized training sessions and coordinated outreach projects with local high schools.

“I fell into a nice place where I could take action,” said the hopeful future business owner. His goal is to set up shop in Marion County along the I-79 High Technology Corridor. Much to the approval of his supervisor, Pearson has an interest in developing future partnerships with FSU after successfully developing his own company.  

“To be able to take our graduates and see them come back and give back to projects they’ve used or build new ones where they can make suggestions is always good,” said Raisovich.

With confidence, Pearson said that FSU set him up for success.

“When opportunity is there, seize it,” Pearson said.

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