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Fairmont State University announces Science Showdown winners Impact
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Fairmont State University announces Science Showdown winners

Approximately 64 students from eight different high schools competed in the Science Showdown on Friday, February 24 at Fairmont State University. Students competed in a number of challenges pertaining to scientific topics like forensics, chemistry, physics, and biology.

“These students were able to gain experience, not only in science-related subjects but also in comradery, competition and teamwork,” said Fairmont State Professor of Chemistry Matthew Scanlon. “They also got to interact with students and faculty here on campus and to see what a future at Fairmont State looks like.”

Doddridge County High School placed first with 148 points, South Harrison High School placed second with 145 points, and Jefferson High School placed third with 144 points. Additionally, two seniors from Doddrige County High School, Cameron Cramer and John Devinney, were each awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Fairmont State University. 

“We are very proud to host these brilliant young minds on campus for the Science Showdown,” said Assistant Vice President of Enrollment and Student Life Alicia Kalka. “We are also proud to provide the winning seniors with a scholarship. We strive to make education accessible and affordable for our youth, and are committed to making sure each and every student who comes to Fairmont State succeeds.”


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