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Fairmont State alumnus establishes scholarship for working students Impact
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Fairmont State alumnus establishes scholarship for working students

Students in classA Fairmont State alumnus and Fairmont native has created a scholarship at Fairmont State University designed specifically to help students who work while they pursue a degree.

The Brent Lambiotte Endowed Scholarship will be available to undergraduate and graduate students who are employed and work 10 or more hours per week while attending classes at Fairmont State, with preference given to those with higher work hour obligations.

“Brent Lambiotte’s generous gift to Fairmont State students will provide crucial financial assistance to those balancing work and studies,” said President Mike Davis. “With financial strain being a major concern for students, this scholarship, coupled with affordable tuition, can significantly impact their ability to focus on their education. More than half of the students attending college in the United States rely on gifts such as this, so we are especially grateful to Brent for establishing this impactful scholarship.” 

When asked why he chose to support working students at Fairmont State, Lambiotte explained that he hadn’t really considered establishing a scholarship until he had an opportunity to visit campus in 2023 and spend some time speaking with students.

“The campus visit was somewhat emotional for me and brought back a lot of memories,” said Lambiotte. “While the tuition cost back in my day was really cheap, it was still a struggle to attend college. Most of my memories related to the jobs I had done to stay in school. I worked in three different gas stations starting the summer between my junior and senior years of high school and continuing through my college years. At that time, working in a gas station was not like working in a convenience store/gas station today. You actually pumped gas for the customers, washed cars and did mechanic work.”

“During my visit, I thought about how I would have appreciated some financial support when I was in college,” Lambiotte continued. “I was really impressed with the quality of the students I met during my visit. I realized that some students are struggling with finances while attending school and hope I can help some who are in that situation.”

“Having the opportunity to reconnect alumni like Brent with current students is immensely rewarding,” according to Timothy Liebrecht, Director of Development and Corporate Relations at the Fairmont State Foundation. “In his visit, Brent afforded students the opportunity to ask him questions as he shared life lessons and career insights with them. This type of engagement impacts students’ futures by giving them access to unique perspectives and practical advice. We are incredibly grateful for his time on campus and his decision to make this financial investment in Fairmont State students. Brent is a perfect example of how one individual can make a truly life-changing impact.”

Lambiotte earned his Education degree with an Industrial Arts focus from Fairmont State. After teaching in a high school setting, he went on to build a career in automotive supply chain and logistics, working for several automotive companies, including Mercedes-Benz and Honda. During his career pursuits, Lambiotte achieved an MBA from The Ohio State University, received three professional certifications, and was admitted to practice before the Interstate Commerce Commission.

After leaving his automotive career, Lambiotte shared his industry knowledge and expertise as an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Collat School of Business, and taught certification classes to working professionals who were pursuing certification by The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM).