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Fairmont State University holds scholarship event for readmitted and transfer studentsPage Title Impact
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Fairmont State University holds scholarship event for readmitted and transfer students

Finish What You Started scholarship event attendees

Fairmont State University continued its commitment to student success and accessible higher education through the ‘Finish What You Started’ scholarship event on June 15. The event was created specifically to encourage those who have taken a hiatus from their pursuit of a college education to restart and finish earning their degrees. During the event, each attendee received a $1000 one-time scholarship for their first year at Fairmont State. This is the first-ever scholarship event held by Fairmont State catered to readmitted and transfer students.

“Non-traditional students face different obstacles, and we want these students to know they are just as important as every other student who attends Fairmont State,” said Vice President of Student Success Ken Fettig. “We understand that re-starting college can feel daunting, but these students are not alone. We want to make sure these students feel confident coming back to school and feel proud of the unique perspectives and experience they bring to our campus.”

Over 50 prospective students attended the event. In addition to receiving a $1,000 scholarship, attendees also had the opportunity to speak with faculty from different departments, meet with financial aid counselors, meet with admissions representatives, and more.

“Being able to host events like this is very important to us,” said Director of Admissions Summer Boggess. “Meeting these students face-to-face and helping them with whatever they need so they can go on to succeed is what this event is all about.”

Those who wish to learn more about readmission or transferring to Fairmont State can do so by visiting our Admissions page.