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Fairmont State University Science and Technology Scholarship Created in Honor of Eric W. Underwood Impact
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Fairmont State University Science and Technology Scholarship Created in Honor of Eric W. Underwood

Sep 08, 2021

Sidney and Judith Underwood of Parkersburg, West Virginia have pledged $27,000 to create a scholarship in memory of their son Eric, who passed away in July of 2020.

“The generous gift from the Underwoods is greatly appreciated. Their kind remembrance of their son will have a lasting benefit to Fairmont State students,” said Fairmont State Foundation President, Gary K. Bennett.

The Eric W. Underwood Endowed Scholarship will provide support to full-time students in the College of Science and Technology at Fairmont State University.

“We choose to honor Eric with this scholarship because he would want future generations to continue to pursue advanced education in this field of study,” said the Underwoods. “As a young man, he collected model planes, ships and enjoyed watching trains. He loved drawing and it was natural that he studied drafting and engineering in college. Eric was fascinated with how machines, such as trains, worked. He studied them and could explain how the mechanics of their engines and brakes worked. As an avid rail fan and member of the B&O Historical Association, he also enjoyed riding all the scenic rail works of West Virginia. He loved music and learned to play guitar as an adult. He also enjoyed nature; hiking, riding bikes and taking photos. During his time at Fairmont State, Eric held great respect for his instructors and the educational standards at the University.”

Eric received an Engineering Technology degree from West Virginia University at Parkersburg before going on to complete a bachelor’s degree from Fairmont State in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 2018. He also earned a master’s degree in Technology Education from WVU. Eric was skilled in the areas of educational leadership and curriculum development.

“We are touched beyond words by the Underwood’s generosity,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “Eric’s love for science and technology will not only live on through this gift, but it will also help us to continue to fill the need for qualified engineering professionals throughout this region and beyond. The Eric W. Underwood Endowed Scholarship will honor Eric’s passion for science and technology, and it will ignite and nurture that same passion in future Falcons.”

The Eric W. Underwood Endowed Scholarship will be available to Fairmont State University students enrolled full-time in the College of Science and Technology. Applicants must be West Virginia residents with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

“With the establishment of the Eric W. Underwood Endowed Scholarship, Eric’s legacy will continue forever here at Fairmont State University,” said Fairmont State Foundation Development Officer, Tori Anselene. “Students pursuing a degree within the College of Science and Technology will greatly be impacted because of Judith and Sidney’s generosity.”

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