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Fairmont State University Offering New Master’s Degree in Engineering Management Impact
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Fairmont State University Offering New Master’s Degree in Engineering Management

Nov 10, 2020

The Fairmont State University College of Science and Technology has announced it will introduce a new master’s degree in Engineering Management to meet the growing demand for skills in management positions within business, engineering and industry settings. The Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management (MSET) is a 30-credit hour, online graduate program designed to provide a blend of advanced engineering concepts and strategies to improve operational performance.   

“Offering a graduate degree in Engineering Management is another example of how we continue to create academic programs that lead to well-paying, in-demand careers for our students,” Mirta M. Martin, president of Fairmont State University, said. “And programs like the MSET – programs that offer high potential returns on our students’ investment – are another reason more and more students are choosing Fairmont State.” 

The MSET program will concentrate on improving quality, implementing total quality management, project management, Six-Sigma and designing engineering and technological solutions in an economical manner. The program will also feature process improvement, management of technological change, applied research and methods to meet engineering and technological strategies.  

The MSET program enables graduates to: 

  • Design innovative engineering or technological based solutions to selected problems. 
  • Improve productivity, quality and competitiveness in the management of engineering and technological endeavors. 
  • Provide solutions to cost management, risk assessment and project management. 
  • Apply concepts of total quality management, lean enterprise, Six-Sigma and statistical process control.   
  • Implement innovative strategies of managing engineering and technology enterprises and operations. 

Upon graduation, students will be prepared for employment opportunities including careers in engineering firms, business and governmental organizations and specific enterprises involving manufacturing, production, construction, energy utilization and conversion. 

“The Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management is focused on practical and contemporary applications to provide future leaders with the necessary skills to help transform their organizations and improve operational performance,” said Dr. Anthony Gilberti, Fairmont State Engineering Technology Department Chair. “We are excited to offer this program to assist the businesses and industry in West Virginia and beyond our state borders.” 

Applications are now being accepted for spring 2021 enrollment. For further information contact Dr. Anthony F. Gilberti,

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