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FSU Alumna Supervises Union Election Impact
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FSU Alumna Supervises Union Election

Aug 15, 2017

Meghan B. Phillips, Class of 2006, supervised a union election in Fairmont on Wednesday, August 9.

Meghan, a field attorney with the National Labor Relations Board in Pittsburgh, was an Honors student and majored in history with minors in psychology, education, and leadership.  Her work with the NLRB includes investigations.  She said, “This is a rewarding job even when you cannot get a person the outcome they want because you can leave them knowing that they were heard.”  As a field attorney, Meghan will also do trial work before an administrative law judge.  Prior to her transfer Pittsburgh, Meghan worked with the NLRB in Washington.
Meghan said that her undergraduate education prepared her very well for law school and for her work with the NRLB.  Meghan, a first-generation college student, attended West Virginia University College of Law where she graduated fourth in her class and won several CALI awards, which are awarded to the student with the highest grade in a particular course.   Specifically, she received CALI awards for Contracts, Labor Law, Advanced Labor Law, Law and Socioeconomics Seminar, Education Law, Employment Discrimination Law, and Payment Systems Law.  She credits the knowledge she had from taking Dr. Gregory Hinton’s Business Law courses at Fairmont State as an aid to her success in Contracts and Payment Systems because his courses taught many of the underlying concepts and rules from those law school courses.  She was also a member of the West Virginia University College of Law’s Law Review, which is the fourth oldest law review in the country, serving as an associate editor of the law review her second year, an Articles Editor (research team) her third year, receiving the award for “Outstanding Research, Associate Editor” her second year, and having her student note published in the Law Review her third year.
She said, “I learned to write and research at Fairmont State.”

Her work at Fairmont also prepared her well for her profession.  “I had such an excellent education here with Honors that I was equal to colleagues who had degrees from Harvard and Yale.”

She credited her mentors at Fairmont State with her success. “I had good mentors like Dr. Hinton and learned a tremendous amount from his business law classes.  Dr. Hinton 
also served as a mentor during law school and was one of two attorneys who moved for my admission to the West Virginia State Bar in 2009.”

Meghan’s Honors senior project was a study of the French and Indian Wars in Transmountain Virginia under the supervision of the late Dr. Gerald Bobango. Meghan lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband, Nolan Mullins, CPA, a fellow West Virginia native, who is a senior accountant at ECHO Realty, and their three cats.

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