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Award Processing and Administration Impact

Award Processing and Administration

Congratulations, you have received an award! What happens now?

The OGSP often receives the award notice and documentation directly from the sponsoring agency. However, if you receive the award notice and/or award documentation, please send all original documents to the OGSP to process the award. Do not sign or submit any documents to the agency yourself - only the officially designated signatory for the University can sign an award or obligate the institution in any manner.

The OGSP will review the award documentation, address any issues/concerns, secure the appropriate signatures, and officially accept the award including returning required documentation to the sponsoring agency. The OGSP will inform the PI (and Dean/Chair) by email of the award, provide copies of the award documents, and provide information on reporting and management requirements.

Setting Up an Award Budget

The OGSP will work with the Finance Department to have an award budget created. The OGSP will send notification to the PI (and the designated support staff) when the budget is created and expenditures for the project can begin. Purchases cannot be initiated until the award is accepted and the budget is in place.

What's Next

Award Management

  • Review of award documentation and requirements
  • Non-financial post-award functions (including post-award rebudgeting and no-cost extensions, grant transfers, and changes in key personnel)
  • Facilitating interim and final progress report submissions


  • Works with faculty and the Grants Accounting Office to facilitate management of awards and ensure compliance
  • Tracks and reports annually on the awards received by Fairmont State University
  • Maintains award database and administrative document files
  • Provides training to faculty and staff in the areas of sponsored programs management

Award Administration and Processing Steps

  1. Award Notice received in Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
  2. Award Documents reviewed by OGSP Award Administrator 
  3. Additional Information/Documentation, Contract Negotiation, and/or Approval Signatures Secured 
  4. Approved Award Documents Submitted to Sponsoring Agency 
  5. Award Approval Notification sent to Principal Investigator (Pl) 
  6. Pl Submits Budget Request to OGSP 
  7. OGSP Reviews Budget Request and then Submits it to Finance 
  8. Budget/Position Detail received from Finance
  9. Budget/Position Detail provided to Pl. Program and Expenditures can Begin 
  10. Intermittent Program Reporting processed by Pl through OGSP 
  11. Intermittent Invoicing Processed by Finance Department 
  12. End-Date of Award Period of Performance 
  13. Final Program Report Processed by Pl through OGSP 
  14. Final Invoice Processed by Finance Department 
  15. Award and Budget Close-Out 
  16. Grant Documentation Retained within the Pl's Department/Unit for a Period of Five (5) Years