Living Learning Communities

What is a LLC?

Living Learning Communtiy

At Fairmont State University, a Living Learning Community is a group of students with a common interest or major that live on the same floor or in the same building. 

Why Join a LLC?

  • MEET other students
  • GET involved on campus
  • APPLY what you're learning inside and outside of class
  • CHALLENGE yourself to learn more
  • GAIN leadership experience
  • NETWORK with other students interested in similar career paths

Who Can Join a LLC? 

Fairmont State University is excited to announce three LLCs for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. 

  1. Honors- In order to be a member of the Honors LLC, students must be admitted into the Honors program. Check out the Honors Requirements Page for information on being admitted to the program. 
  2. National Security and Intelligence and Political Science (NSI/PoliSci)- In order to be a member of the NSI/PoliSci LLC, students must have officially declared a major in either field of study with the Registrar's Office. You can find out more information about these programs on the College of Liberal Arts Page
  3. THRIVE- In order to be a member of the THRIVE LLC, students must apply to live in the LLC on the Housing Application and must be committed to living in an environment focused on health and wellness.  

How Does One Apply to be a Part of a LLC?

An entire page of the housing application is designated to joining an LLC. Simply select your LLC preference on that page, and we will place you with other students who are interested in joining. This is an option for all students. As an example, if you are an Honors student, but would prefer to live in a University Terrace Semi-Suite, you can opt not to join the Honors LLC. Although we believe that LLCs are beneficial to all students who join, it is not a requirement. For more information about how to apply to housing, feel free to refer to the Housing Application Guide. Some of our LLCs have deadlines, so don't forget to apply early! 

Where does one find more information about the individual LLCs?

Right here! Follow our links to find out more information about each LLC. 

  • Honors LLC
  • NSI/PoliSci LLC