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Application Process Impact

Application Process

Before Applying

To make your application process as easy as possible, make sure you have completed the following before applying for housing:

  • Apply for Admission 
  • Received your Acceptance Letter from Fairmont State University
  • Activated your Unified Computer Account (UCA)

We recommend applying as early as possible for housing.  Particularly popular rooms, such as Bryant Place single suites and Morrow Hall Super Singles, can begin filling up as soon as eight months in advance.  

Step-by-Step Instructions

Online Application

Our housing application can be completed with our easy-to-use housing portal. Log into your myFairmontState account using your Unified Computer Account (UCA) and password. Once you have logged in, click "Housing" under the "Student Links" section of your portal. Click “Housing Application” at the top of the page, then select the term for which you want to apply, and complete the housing application. 

Housing Terms and Conditions and Resident Liability Disclosure

Both of our lease agreements (Academic and Extended Terms & Conditions) and the renters insurance information are available online in their entirety, and can be electronically signed by any student over the age of 18.  We strongly recommend that you read these documents carefully while doing your application and you are welcome to print out copies for your personal records.  

Be aware that students under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian accept the terms and conditions via the proxy agreement.  The website utilizes a email proxy in which the legal guardian electronically signs his/her student. If you have issues or questions about the proxy, please feel free to contact our office for help. 

Housing Application Fee

There is a $50.00 housing application fee. Please note that if you are reapplying for housing and you are currently living on campus, your $50 non-refundable application fee must be paid each year that you apply for housing. Please be aware that an additional $3.00 service fee applies. Students are required to live on campus for 4 consecutive semesters (2 years).

Housing Preferences and Building Selection

We recommend that students choose their residence hall carefully. We offer both detailed online information and on-campus touring services to help this.  Once you have made a decision, you can select building preferences under Housing Preferences.  

When applying for housing you will select at least 3 preferences from highest to lowest. Some buildings fill up very quickly, and having preferences can help guarantee a more preferable room is available to you.  Realize that you may be placed into a vacancy that is not your highest preference, but we will always try to prioritize first preferences. The sooner you complete your application, the more likely you are to receive one of your highest preferences.

Meal Plan Selection

Except for our University Terrace apartment residents, all on-campus students must select a meal plan.  Our meal plans vary in size and price to better suit the needs of our students.  For a more complete explanation of the meal plan options and services, we recommend reviewing the Housing and Meal Plan Rates

Roommate Groups (optional)

Roommates may be requested through roommate search.  

  • Search by Details

    • Roommate screen name is the name of the person you want to live with. 
  • Search by Profile

    • You have the option to answer the profile questions again and choose a roommate based on similar answers. 
  • Search by Matching

    • You are also able to select a roommate(s) based on your percentage of corresponding answer choices. 

You are able to request multiple individuals but must request them individually.  Once you've requested your roommates they must accept your request in order to room together.  

After a roommate has been selected, you can check back to this page to see if you have been successfully paired with your roommate.  Once we have completed our placement process, the name and contact information of your roommate will appear.  If the information is different from the roommate you requested, this is most likely because they chose to be paired with another individual.  

If you do not select a roommate, you will be placed with an available individual who most highly matches your personality and housing preferences.  We strongly recommend that you choose your roommate or roommate preferences carefully to be matched with someone who will make your stay in residence life an enjoyable one.