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Preparing for Campus Life Impact

Preparing for Campus Life

Preparing for Move-In Day

Move-in Day is an exciting experience for many college students, and we want to make sure that yours is stress-free.  In order to get the most out of your move-in day, make sure you have completed all of the following items:

  • Completed the online Housing Application (including Terms & Conditions and application fee)
  • Attended one orientation event
  • Contacted your roommate(s)
  • Contacted our Financial Aid Office
  • Paid tuition and fees

Move-in Day is part of our Welcome Weekend experience for incoming freshman.  Most of the information for Welcome Weekend will be mailed to you or explained during your orientation experience.  If you still have questions, feel free to contact our office or the Office of Student Success.

What to Bring

  • Rainwear and umbrella
  • Room decorations
  • Bathrobe, shower shoes, shower caddy, towels, and washcloths
  • Prescribed medications (if applicable)
  • Two sets of linens (mattresses are 36" x 80"or "XL Twin"), blankets and pillows
  • Headphones, earbuds, and phone chargers
  • Surge protector
  • School supplies and a backpack
  • Garbage can
  • Moving carts/Dollies to make move-in easier 
  • For University Terrace and Bryant Place be sure to bring a plunger, toilet paper, and bathroom cleaning supplies. 

You may also consider bringing the following items:

  • Mini refrigerator (maximum size 4.6 cubic feet; must be plugged into an outlet directly)
  • Computer/ Television/ Portable audio devices
  • Extra lamp
  • Stackable crates
  • Keurig or any single cup coffee brewer (without a hot plate)
  • Overnight bag
  • Clothes hangers
  • Cookware, especially in apartments

Unfortunately, there are some items which violate our health and safety standards and cannot be brought.  This list is not comprehensive and can be reviewed in more detail in our Residence Life Guide to Success.  Some of our most common items are:

  • Free weights over 20 lbs. (all weights under 20 lbs. must be housed on a mat)
  • Electric devices such as a hot plate, toasters, ovens, popcorn popper, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, electric grills, portable heaters, sandwich makers, crock pots, etc.
  • Alcohol, drugs, alcohol or drug paraphernalia, empty alcohol containers (even for decoration)
  • Microwaves (except Micro-Fridges rented through our contact)
  • Any open-flame object (e.g., candles or incense) and candle warmers with hot plates
  • Drums, amplification equipment for stereos, electric guitars, etc.
  • Weapons or Fireworks
  • Gasoline, lighter fluid, charcoal grills, or any combustible, explosive, or flammable material
  • Pets of any kind, except for a fish in tank (no more than 10 gallons)
  • Supplies used to stack or loft beds
  • Paintball, BB, or pellet guns
  • Wireless routers (unless wireless connectivity is disabled)
  • Extension cords or multi-receptacle outlets
  • Motorbikes, Segways, Hoverboards, etc.
  • Decorations attached to light fixtures, fire equipment, etc.
  • Anything outside the window.
  • Power strips, Christmas lights, etc. are permitted, but may not be plugged into one another; commonly known as piggy-backed or daisy-chained.

Break Policies

During Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer Breaks, all residence halls (excluding those students under the Extended Terms and Conditions) temporarily close down.  While residents are welcome to leave items in their rooms during Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks, we do not provide housing services during these times.

Fall/Spring Closings

In order to make each closing a seamless transition, we ask that all residents plan to leave for break as early as possible during the week before closing.  Before each closing, our Resident Assistants will provide specific closing instructions to make sure that your room remains clean and secure.  Additionally, students are asked to notify our staff when they are exiting our halls for closing.  

Winter/Summer Closings

As students finish their finals, we will be closing the buildings down for the longer breaks.  As such, we ask that students be prepared to sign out of their room two hours after their final on-campus obligation.  Similar to Fall and Spring Closings, we have several steps we ask each student takes to ensure that our building is properly prepared for the break.