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Resume Builder Impact

Resume Builder

What if you could outsource those annoying aspects of resume building, from those pesky margins to figuring out what goes where, so you could focus on the more demanding facets of job-search?

Hiration’s AI-powered resume builder is what you are looking for! 

Their ready-to-use content templates tailored to your courses, along with intuitive AI features like instant resume review, Next Word Prediction to effortlessly generate meaningful content, a matching score to customize your resume to a specific job listing, etc. will help you make a job-winning resume in no time.

Let’s begin!

How to Get Started?

  1. Visit and use your Fairmont edu ID to create a FREE account.
  2. Select any design for now - it can be changed later in a single click without disturbing the content.
  3. Choose any content template nearest to your course/target profile, or start off with a blank template.
  4. The AI Assistant is turned on by default and applicable on bullet points (not paragraphs). Simply write a few words to see the predictive text generated right next to it.
  5. Turn on the AI Review for an exhaustive feedback on your resume across each bullet point and section.
  6. Toggle on the job description (JD) matcher and paste any job listing to get a matching score and suggestions to bring you closer to your dream job!
  7. Click on ‘Download PDF’ once the resume is done.

Short Video Tutorials

Resume Customization

Utilize customization features to modify text boxes, layout, colors, etc. as required.

AI Assistance

Overview of how to use the AI Assistant tool to frame resume points and auto-bold important words/numbers.

Using the JD (Job Description) Functionality

Match your resume to your target job listing and get suggestions along with a score on how to customize your resume and bag those shortlists!

Need further help? Please refer to the Hiration FAQ page!