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Accommodate for Faculty Impact

Accommodate for Faculty

What is Accommodate?

Accommodate is an electronic file management system used by the Office of Accessibility Services to streamline and simplify the accommodation process. Accommodate keeps all student disability and accommodation information confidential. Accommodate allows the Office of Accessibility Services to process accommodation requests, schedule accessibility appointments, and coordinate testing in the LEAD Center all in one place.

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What Will Faculty Do in Accommodate?

  • Sign accommodation letters
  • View courses to see which students have accommodations
  • Upload exams

Signing Accommodation Letters

  1. Select the Accommodation Letters tab.
  2. You will see any letters that have been sent to you. It will show whether a signature was requested, or the letter has already been signed. Select the letter that needs to be signed.
  3. Review the letter.
  4. Once you review the letter and scroll all the way down you will see a place to electronically sign. Once you type your name you will need to click the “Save” button to complete your signature. There is also a box to type comments regarding the accommodations (i.e., For notetaking will the professor share their notes or will a student in class? Please note that the system does not alert me that you have made a comment. If you are commenting on something that you want me to be aware of then please email

Viewing Students with Accommodations in Your Courses

  • In Accommodate you will be able to see which students in your courses have accommodations as well as what accommodations they have.
  • You can do this by logging in to Accommodate, selecting the tab to the left titled “Courses”, and selecting a course.
  • Once you select a course you can click on enrolled students to see a list of all students enrolled in that course, which will also show whether a student has approved accommodations or not.

Uploading Exams

  • Faculty will now be able to upload exams and testing materials into Accommodate for the LEAD Center. The upload form in Accommodate contains the same information as the old form; it is just located in Accommodate now.
  • Please keep in mind this is only for students with approved testing accommodations through the Office of Accessibility. Anyone needing to test for a make-up exam will need to submit a request using the current make-up exam process.