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Sign Language Interpreting/CART Impact

Sign Language Interpreting/CART

Under the law and the Americans for Disability Act of 1990, students with disabilities are due “reasonable accommodations” in their academic pursuits, so that the effect of their disability does not unfairly interfere with either their learning process or their grading and evaluation.

For a deaf or hard of hearing student necessary accommodations may include, but are not limited to 1) a sign language interpreter or alternative auxiliary aids, such as CART (instant transcription service), and/or 2) a note taker. These services involve a considerable amount of coordination and expense. These services fall under “reasonable accommodation”. The following are our Institutional Guidelines:

  • To request a Sign Language Interpreter or Transcriber, please complete the online Sign Language Interpreter or Transcriber request form.
  • For meetings and simple interpreting assignments Interpreter/Transcriber requests must be made at least 5 Business Days prior to the scheduled event.
  • For events that require significant preparation, such as plays and those that are posted on the events calendar, we require a minimum of thirty days notice. While we will make every effort to provide services as requested, we cannot guarantee that each request can be granted.
  • In the event that an interpreter/transcriber is not available, we will work to provide alternative means of communication, such as an UbiDuo that can be checked out and returned for scheduled meetings or events. Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services for more information. The Enrollment Center and Bryant Place have UbiDuos readily available for students for use in those buildings but are not to be removed from those locations.
  • Any and all interpreting/transcribing must be authorized by the Office of Accessibility Services.
  • Requests for services for all known events outside the classroom, with exception of plays and performances that require extensive preparation, should be made during the first two weeks of the semester to ensure that an interpreter/transcriber can be scheduled. Any requests made after the first two weeks of the semester should be made as soon as possible - our best efforts will be made to provide the services, but are NOT guaranteed.
  • As soon as students schedule for classes, they are required to provide the Office of Accessibility Servcies interpreter coordinator with a copy of their schedule so that interpreting/transcription services can be arranged for those classes. There will be no services provided in the classroom until the Office of Accessibility Services has a copy of the student's schedule. Any changes made to schedules are to be sent to the interpreter coordinator as soon as the changes are made to ensure that services can be provided for the changes. Failure to inform this office in a timely matter might result in our inability to provide service.
    *Keep in mind that if any schedule changes are made, services will be provided depending on the availability of the service providers.
  • The Office of Accessibility Services will coordinate and authorize any interpreters/transcribers. Requests for services are not to be made to interpreters/transcribers directly. Any services received that have not been authorized by this office will not be paid for by Fairmont State University.
    *The individual themself, will be responsible for the payment of unauthorized services.
  • Interpreters, transcribers, or the interpreter coordinator must be notified 48 hours ahead of time if services are not needed due to the inability to attend class or any other function for which requests for services has been made. The interpreter coordinator is to be notified and informed of when services will be needed again, whether it be the next class period or the following day. Failure to comply will result in the interpreter/transcriber NOT being permitted to return to class until notified. An appointment with the interpreting coordinator or Office of Accessibility Services will need to be made to address absenteeism. It is only reasonable to provide a costly service that is being utilized!
  • If unable to cancel services within 48 hours prior due to an emergency situation, please notify the Office of Accessibility Services as soon as possible to avoid having services discontinued.
  • Sign language interpreters, note takers, and CART providers do not perform dual roles in the classroom. Each of these roles is clearly defined and mutually exclusive. For example, should a note taker also happen to know sign language, but is assigned to take notes in the classroom, his or her role is purely to take notes.

* Any requests made outside the classroom are not guaranteed to have services provided for. We will make every effort to accommodate you. You will be sent a receipt upon your request notifying you if the service will or will not be granted.

*It is crucial to make all requests for services as soon as possible. Students with disabilities are granted priority registration and strongly encouraged to take advantage of this service to allow for the best possible service provision. Any requests made during our scheduled class times may not be filled due to the availability of our interpreters/transcribers. If any requests outside of classes are to be made, please use the Interpreting/CART Request Form that can be found online under Accessibility Services and follow the above stated requirements when filling out a request.