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Local High Schools Compete at Fairmont State in Regional Academic ShowdownPage Title Impact
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Local High Schools Compete at Fairmont State in Regional Academic Showdown

Mar 13, 2024Academics, Events

Bridgeport High School and Grafton High School Academic Showdown TeamsTwo teams have advanced from the 2024 Academic Showdown regional competition held at Fairmont State University on March 8. Grafton High School Team 1, Taylor County, placed first, and Bridgeport High School Team 2, Harrison County, placed second, earning both teams a spot in the finale on April 23, at the West Virginia Culture Center in Charleston.

During the Academic Showdown, teams participate in jeopardy-style quiz rounds. Each Team has four teammates and each school can have up to two teams. Two teams compete against each other in a match, and the winning team will progress in the competition.

Each game consists of two halves: The first half of each match lasts approximately 20 minutes and consists of a maximum of 20 questions that alternate between teams with correct answers being worth one point. A captain is identified for this half and answers for the team or identifies a team member to provide their answer.

A coin toss before the start of the match determines which team answers first. The second half lasts approximately 20 minutes and consists of a maximum of 20 questions. This is the buzzer round, which means any team member who hits the buzzer first can answer. Unlike the first round, there is no talking amongst team members allowed during this half. Teams will receive one point for each correct answer. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers. In the case of a tie between two teams, a tiebreaker of three one-point tossup questions will be given to determine the winner.

A moderator facilitates each game. The moderator reads the official questions, enforces time limits, supervises the clock, determines if question answers are correct, awards points, deducts points, and enforces the rules of the showdown.

With increased interest among schools each year, approximately 90 teams registered to compete this year, an increase of 19 teams over the 2023 Showdown season. Students in grades 9-12 go head-to-head in rounds of rigorous questions about math, history, fine arts, pop culture and more, showcasing their academic prowess and critical thinking skills.

The Fairmont State regional featured the following schools:

  • Braxton County High School
  • Bridgeport High School
  • Grafton High School
  • Lewis County High School
  • Liberty High School
  • Paden City High School
  • Weir High School
  • Williamstown High School

The Academic Showdown is a partnership between the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE), the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, West Virginia Public Broadcasting and the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History.

Learn more about the Academic Showdown.