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Fairmont State’s inaugural class of Police Academy cadets to graduate May 5 Impact
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Fairmont State’s inaugural class of Police Academy cadets to graduate May 5

May 02, 2023Events

On January 16 Fairmont State University welcomed its first ever class of Police Academy cadets. Fifteen cadets from law enforcement agencies across the state arrived on campus to begin their 16-week Police Academy training. Now, those who have successfully completed the Police Academy program will graduate on Friday, May 5 at 1 p.m. at Fairmont State’s Feaster Center.

“During their 16 weeks at the Fairmont State University Police Academy, the cadets received the highest quality education and instruction from Career Law Enforcement Professionals, University Professors, and experts and specialists from throughout the communities of West Virginia,” said Police Academy Director Jeffrey McCormick. “These instructors have thoroughly prepared the cadets to enter this noble profession, and are proud to share the wisdom and knowledge they have earned over their careers to help prepare the next generation of policing professionals to serve the citizens of West Virginia with honor and meet the unique challenges facing law enforcement today.”

This semester cadets received training in many areas of police work including patrol, traffic stops, criminal law, firearms, use of force, emergency vehicle operations, report writing, and much more. Cadets were also exposed to other training important for modern day police officers in today’s society such as trauma awareness, interacting with those with autism and mental health conditions, and de-escalation tactics. Whenever possible the cadets put their training to the test by participating in realistic, scenario-based exercises.

“The cadets of Session 23-01 have performed very well,” McCormick said.  “They have set a high bar for the cadets of session 23-02, which begins this August, to try to meet.”  “The staff and instructors of the Fairmont State Police Academy are proud of what the cadets of Session 23-01 have accomplished, and we look forward to their successful careers serving and protecting the citizens of West Virginia.” 

The fifteen graduating cadets and the agencies that have sponsored them are:

  • Shane Bourne - Morgantown Police Department (Morgantown, W.VA)
  • Alexander Boyles - Morgantown Police Department (Morgantown, W.VA)
  • Gage Clark - Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department (Martinsburg, W.VA)
  • Jarrett Day - Charles Town Police Department (Charles Town, W.VA)
  • Seth Dickens - Beckley Police Department (Beckley, W.VA)
  • Luke Flanagan - Kingwood Police Department (Kingwood, W.VA)
  • James Gmiter - West Virginia University Police Department (Morgantown, W.VA)
  • Trevor Kinnee - Beckley Police Department (Beckley, W.VA)
  • Jeremy McGinnis - Beckley Police Department (Beckley, W.VA)
  • Caleb Minger - Brooke County Sheriff’s Office (Wellsburg, W.VA)
  • Michael Nickerson - Wellsburg Police Department (Wellsburg, W.VA)
  • Kendel Ober - Marlinton Police Department (Marlinton, W.VA)
  • Christopher Smith - Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department (Martinsburg, W.VA)
  • Jacob Stajnrajh - Morgantown Police Department (Morgantown, W.VA)
  • Nathan Taylor - Wellsburg Police Department (Wellsburg, W.VA)

While the first class of Police Academy cadets is exclusively compromised of non-degree seeking students sponsored by West Virginia law enforcement agencies, the Police Academy will also accept current and future degree-seeking students who meet the program requirements to be a part of future Police Academy classes. Those who complete the program will be qualified to become certified Law Enforcement Officers in the state of West Virginia.

Learn more about Fairmont State’s Police Academy by visiting

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