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Local high school students complete WV Nursing Academy hosted by Fairmont State Impact
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Local high school students complete WV Nursing Academy hosted by Fairmont State

Jun 30, 2022

Local high school students interested in pursuing careers as professional nurses were exposed to opportunities made available through healthcare professions at the West Virginia Nursing Academy hosted by the Fairmont State University College of Nursing.

Students completing the academy which took place Monday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 29 were honored at a closing ceremony on Wednesday afternoon where each student was presented with a completion certificate.

The aim of the West Virginia Nursing Academy was to provide curriculum to introduce students to experiences and opportunities available to nurses, while establishing an education path leading to a professional career in nursing.  

“Nursing academies allow students to learn side by side with nurses in different healthcare facilities across the state to better understand the role that nurses play in the healthcare process,” said Fairmont State University Assistant Professor of Nursing, Jenny Wilson.

Fairmont State University Professor of Nursing, Tina Reed, explained the nursing academy was also established at the University to combat the statewide nurse shortage.

“Right now, sometimes the nurse-to-patient ratio is one to six or seven,” Reed said. “Our first goal is patient safety. We want to be able to have more nurses come into the field, so we can safely take care of patients, and so that nurses don’t get burned out.”

Students completing the three-day academy included:

·     Jenna Casto - East Fairmont High School

·     Gabrielle Fike - East Fairmont High School

·     Garrett Goolie - Fairmont Senior High School

·     Abigail Hess - University High School

·     Gracyn Marsh - East Fairmont High School

·     Lillian Rubenstein - Fairmont Senior High School

·     Rayden Satterfield - North Marion High School

·     Abigail Shuck - Fairmont Senior High School

·     Alexandria Stoneking - Bridgeport High School

·     Connor Tingler - East Fairmont High School

·     Makena Webb - Robert C. Byrd High School

Curriculum for the three-day academy consisted of First aid, CPR, Stop the Bleed certification, infection control and vital signs skills performance, preparation for nursing school, a panel discussion and a local hospital tour. Nursing academy students also participated in various simulation experiences in areas including birth, pediatrics, geriatrics and telehealth.

“Our overall goal is to take care of the patients in West Virginia, our surrounding communities and globally, as possible,” said Fairmont State University College of Nursing Dean, Laura Clayton. “Providing the best educated nurses is important to us.”

The nursing academy was funded through a grant from the West Virginia Center for Nursing. 

For more information about the Fairmont State University College of Nursing, visit

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