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Fairmont State Student Athlete Featured in National Lead with Languages Campaign Impact
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Fairmont State Student Athlete Featured in National Lead with Languages Campaign

Dec 13, 2021

An opportunity to represent the Fighting Falcons on the volleyball court led junior Amelia Moore to explore Fairmont State University during a recruiting visit three years ago.

“I immediately fell in love with the campus,” she said.

But it was more than the institution’s cozy atmosphere that sealed the deal for the Mansfield, Ohio native. Moore was looking for an all-inclusive student experience that would allow her to meet new people and hone her athletic prowess while gaining knowledge that would prepare her for a future career; Fairmont State fit that bill. Now, the national security and intelligence and political science double major is just one year from earning her degrees and says she has a lot to show for her time at Fairmont State.

“I have always felt that Fairmont State has been like a second family to me,” she said. “President Martin is extremely welcoming, the National Security and Intelligence Program has allowed me to gain more experience than I ever could have expected, and I have created some extremely good friendships through the volleyball team.”

Not only has Moore’s experience as a Falcon enabled her to pursue the goals she set for herself as a high school senior, but it has also provided her the chance to grow and explore interests and skillsets she didn’t know she had. When Moore first enrolled in a Spanish course at Fairmont State, it was simply a means to fulfilling her academic program’s foreign language requirement. The experience piqued Moore’s curiosity, though, and soon she decided to declare a minor in the subject.

“I’ve had some really great professors who inspired me to want to learn more about the world around me,” she said. “Spanish is a great way to study a different culture while learning a new language.”

Moore’s foreign language journey has since landed her a feature with Lead with Languages, a national campaign aimed at making language proficiency a national priority. Read the full Q&A here.

Fairmont State University President, Dr. Mirta M. Martin, said that Moore’s pursuit of excellence across all areas of the student experience sets a shining example of what Falcons can achieve with desire, dedication and support.

“Amelia is an excellent example of Falcon Heart,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “She is hard-working, optimistic and unafraid of new experiences. That attitude fits in perfectly at Fairmont State, where we match our students’ hard work and goals with opportunities, and help make their dreams come true.”

Though her future career path is undetermined, Moore said she has considered everything from employment in data analytics or cyber-crime to involvement with the FBI or the Air National Guard. No matter the route she chooses, however, Moore is confident Fairmont State has equipped her with the tools she needs to succeed.

“Fairmont State is a great place to allow yourself to be open-minded and be who you want to be while simultaneously creating even more of yourself," she concluded.


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