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Fairmont State Provides Opportunities for Student Success During Winter Term Impact
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Fairmont State Provides Opportunities for Student Success During Winter Term

Nov 08, 2021

Fairmont State University will begin Winter Term courses on Monday, November 29. Winter Term is a “mini-semester” during which credit and non-credit courses may be taken in a shorter period of time.

The optional Winter Term provides current and transient students a chance to earn credit-hours online over the course of a five-week period, through Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Students may enroll in one course during Winter Term or choose to earn internship or field work experience. 

Winter Term courses provide several benefits to students including the opportunity to retake a challenging course, ease course loads in upcoming spring or fall semesters, receive more one-on-one attention from instructors or satisfy requirements for a degree to trim the path to graduation.

“Winter Term was an enormous success last year. So many of our students benefitted from Winter Term courses, and we look forward to offering even more opportunities this year,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “Winter Term provides students with yet another opportunity to succeed and further their education and life goals, and it demonstrates the University’s deep commitment to our students.”

Costs are consistent per-credit hour with spring and fall semester tuition rates. Additional fees may be required for select courses.

For more information and to view a full list of available courses, visit

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