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President Martin calls for solidarity following the death of George Floyd and others Impact
Fairmont State News

President Martin calls for solidarity following the death of George Floyd and others

Jun 04, 2020

Like many in the Falcon Family, I am angered and heartbroken by the senseless killing of George Floyd. The outrage over Mr. Floyd’s death and a series of other African Americans' deaths underscores the pain many in our communities feel over the lingering, open sore of racism that still plagues our nation.  

Fairmont State will not tolerate racism and/or exclusion of any form.  When I say we are #OneFalconFamily… that is exactly what I mean… we stand together, in solidarity with, and for each other. Our Falcon Family is a strong interconnected community enriched by the contributions of many races, cultures, religions, and political beliefs. 

I ask members of the Fairmont State University community to stand in solidarity - unequivocally rejecting both racism and violence in any form. We should boldly raise our voices to unmask racial injustice in our communities and work tirelessly to fix what is broken in our society and in our institutions.

We all need to open our hearts and our eyes to the pain caused by racism and discrimination. We need to have tough conversations, starting with ourselves. We need to listen, to dialogue, to advocate, and to commit to being part of a peaceful process that effects real change. 

I ask you to join me in loudly affirming that all people are created equal and they should be equally treated and protected under the law.

Mirta M. Martin, Ph.D.


Fairmont State University

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