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Fairmont State junior chosen as Judith Herndon Fellow Impact
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Fairmont State junior chosen as Judith Herndon Fellow

Dec 19, 2018

Fairmont State University Junior and Vice President of the Fairmont State Student Government Association Tyler Keller has been chosen as a Judith Herndon Fellow for the upcoming legislative session. 

This is among the most honored internships in the state and those who are chosen participate in a competitive interview process. Teller is the first student in three years to be offered this opportunity. 

“"I have a passion for politics and for understanding what makes our state and country function behind the scenes. I have known I wanted to go into law/politics since I was little because I would talk about it with my mom, who is my biggest inspiration,” Keller said. "She took me with her to vote when I was little, and ever since that day I have been deeply interested in civic duty." 

He is looking forward to getting as much out of the experience as possible. 

"I’m beyond privileged and excited to begin as a fellow,” Keller said. "Hopefully, I will gain a great working relationship with my colleagues and with the members of the legislature. This will help prepare me for law school in a the coming years.” 

Keller is a double major in Political Science and National Security & Intelligence. He is also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society, and a brother of Phi Sigma Phi national fraternity. 

Undergraduates are selected to participate in the 60-day session as Herndon Fellows and are assigned to assist a sole legislator from either the Senate of the House of Delegates.

The interns are required to perform research and various staff functions. Among other job-related responsibilities, participants are introduced to and develop an understanding of the politics of legislation, legislative research, bill drafting, the role and function of committees and the executive-legislative liaison.

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