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Fairmont State graduates more than 130 students during Winter Commencement Impact
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Fairmont State graduates more than 130 students during Winter Commencement

Dec 11, 2018

More than 130 students participated in the first winter Commencement ceremony for Fairmont State University in five years on Saturday in the Feaster Center. 

Dr. Jack Kirby, retired Fairmont State Associate Provost, served as the Commencement speaker. Alyssa Welling was the student speaker.

“Once a Falcon, always a Falcon is more than a phrase, it is an acknowledgement that you are forever a part of this, our Falcon Family,” Dr. Jack Kirby said. “We have helped you discover and develop your passion. Now it is time for you to live what you love!” 

He encouraged students to continue learning or trying new things, to not fear failure. 

"The only one who never fails is the one who never tries. Some of the greatest lessons learned come out of failure and some of the greatest accomplishments realized after narrowing the options by eliminating those that did not work,” he said. 

President Mirta Martin said commencement is one of her favorite times of the year. It’s a time to celebrate the achievements of the students and how far they have come. 

“We witness firsthand the enthusiasm of all those who are beginning their new journey - into our Falcon Nation and into the world as alumni. Our faculty and staff take pride in playing a part in their journey and we are proud to celebrate their success,” President Dr. Mirta Martin said. "Remember you did not get here by yourself. So when you get to the mountain top, reach back down, and pull others up. Pass it forward. I have great expectations for all of you.”

The School of Nursing Winter Commencement and Pinning Ceremony took place Thursday in the Colebank Gym. The pinning ceremony is a long-held tradition that is a symbolic welcoming of newly graduated nurses into the profession of nursing. The graduate nurse is presented with the nursing pin by the faculty of the nursing program. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Associate of Science in Nursing graduates participated in the December 8 ceremony.

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