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FSU Honors Program Hosts Quiz Bowl Impact
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FSU Honors Program Hosts Quiz Bowl

Oct 31, 2017

Fairmont State University’s Honors Program hosted its annual Quiz Bowl at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct.21 with Parkersburg High School’s team placing first among the eight schools competing.  Members of that team, coached by Linda Hindman, included Andrew Gnegy, Aaren Hardy, Chase Mayo, and Bairan Sundaram.

East Fairmont High School, Lewis County High School, Liberty High School, Lincoln High School, University High School, Williamstown High School, and Woodrow Wilson High School also fielded teams.

The faculty advisors for each school are Miriam Straka (EFHS), Marc Smith (LCHS), Stephen Howard (LHS), Lisa Stout (LHS), Brendan Muckian-Bates (UHS), Jonathan Wheeler (WHS) and Mary Jo Snow (WWHS).

Rae Hill, a junior Honors student and a chair of the Honors students organizing this year's Quiz Bowl said, "Quiz Bowl provides a unique experience for high school students to interact with college students in an unusual environment conducive to learning and academia.  It provides students a competitive and team-building environment to explore a natural curiosity toward learning."

Students competed in four categories: History, Pop Culture, English and Math and Science. Each team of four players played in four ten-minute rounds, answering questions by a moderator from Fairmont State’s Honors Program.

The high school teams also completed a worksheet in each of the four areas to gain additional points.

The rounds were judged by faculty from FSU.  This year’s judges were Erica Harvey, Professor of Chemistry, Kenneth Millen Penn, Professor of History, Nathan C. Myers, Assistant Professor of English, Sarah Rude, Temporary Assistant Professor of English, Laura Morris, a sophomore member of the organizing committee said, "Quiz Bowl gives high school students an opportunity to go above and beyond in their studies in a way that is fun and competitive, a way that not only tests their knowledge but encourages them to broaden their knowledge in a variety of disciplines."

The Honors Quiz Bowl began as a student initiative to encourage academically superior high school students and to give them an experience of academics on a college campus.  The founders of Quiz Bowl were Stephanie Yoho Jones, Amy Stevenski, and Amber Hayhurst.  Following their template, Honors students still compose the questions, arrange for judges, and serve as session moderators, timekeepers, and escorts.


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