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FSU Welcomes Visiting Chinese Scholar Impact
Fairmont State News

FSU Welcomes Visiting Chinese Scholar

Feb 15, 2016

The Fairmont State University community and the Department of Language and Literature welcome to campus a visiting scholar from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications whose year-long residency will begin Wednesday, Feb. 17.

Han Xiaohau, a professor of English, will teach a class on Chinese culture at FSU and, with the guidance of Dr. J. Robert Baker, will conduct research on teaching methodology and the study of American literature.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for FSU. In the Department of Language and Literature, we are very excited that Han will be joining us, for she will be a great addition to the department and will help us and our students to expand our global awareness. She will be offering a class in the spring on Chinese culture and another in the fall in Mandarin,” Baker said.

Han has been teaching College English, particularly English as a Foreign Language (EFL) reading and writing to non-English majors, for 12 years and is excited for the opportunity to develop her skills and to teach at FSU. At Beijing University, Han also teaches a 32-hour, senior-level optional course called “Selective Readings of American Short Stories.”

“My current teaching and research is focused on the methods of teaching composition, the designing of effective classroom activities and the approaches to developing critical thinking through reading literature,” Han said.

“As to my course on Chinese culture, I’m thinking of introducing ancient Chinese history and some Confucian and Taoist ideas, which have greatly influenced Chinese and East Asian culture. I’ve also prepared some materials for Chinese calligraphy, painting, paper cutting and traditional festive decoration.”

Her visit is sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council, a non-profit organization seeking to provide financial assistance to Chinese citizens who want to study abroad and international students who want to study in China. Its goal is to further the academic and cultural exchanges between China and other countries in order to bring about positive change.

Han contacted the Department of Language and Literature over the summer about her interest to attend literature lectures and observe classroom activities and collaborate with faculty members and conduct research.

Han has been granted authorization to come to the United States with a J-1 visa for visiting scholars. FSU is the first institution in the new West Virginia HEPC J-1 Consortium, directed by Dr. Clark Egnor, to receive a J-1 visitor.  Dr. Erin Hippolyte, International Study Coordinator at FSU, is the local reporting officer for the Consortium.


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