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Love Your Melon Campus Crew Members Sought Impact
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Love Your Melon Campus Crew Members Sought

Dec 16, 2015

Love Your Melon is an organization on campus that is an apparel brand nationwide on a mission to give every child battling cancer a hat. This organization has been on campus for about a semester and is seeking more crew members and volunteers to join this cause.

An informational meeting on campus is planned for 6 p.m. Jan. 25, 2016, in front of the Nickel on the second floor of the Falcon Center. Pizza will be offered, and there will be a short presentation.

Love Your Melon had a winter hat release on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, when 38 brand new products were released to the public. Within 15 hours over $300,000 was raised for children’s cancer research and therapy, setting a new record for Love Your Melon. LYM donated $150,000 to both CureSearch and Pinky Swear Foundation to fund cancer research and help with financial obligations for children that are currently undergoing treatment.

“Here at Fairmont State University, your Love Your Melon crew couldn’t be more proud. We were the first in our region to break 100 credits, which means we sold 100 hats, and have been able to do a donation event at WVU Children’s Hospital. For this event a handful of crew members dressed up like super heroes and brought LYM Hats to The Children’s Hospital and donated them to children undergoing treatments,” said Kelsey Dekart.

“As always, please remember to select Fairmont State University at checkout when making your purchases, and remember to follow us on all of our social media accounts. Facebook at Fairmont State University Love Your Melon Campus Crew, Twitter and Instagram at FSU_LYMCrew to stay up to date with events on campus and what we’re doing in the community!”

For more information, contact Kelsey Dekart at

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