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Leave Your Mark Competition Helps Beautify Campus Impact
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Leave Your Mark Competition Helps Beautify Campus

Dec 17, 2015

The Leave Your Mark Mural Contest, sponsored by the Student Government Association, allows students to contribute to the artistic landscape of the Fairmont State University main campus.

The contest was launched in the spring 2015 semester by Rachel Ball, the former secretary for the Student Government Association. Ball is participating in a study abroad opportunity in the Netherlands during the spring 2016 semester.

“I think we have a lack of people wanting to participate on campus and a lack of people having pride in Fairmont. Ordinary students can literally leave a mark on this campus. Other students will see that and say, ‘Wow, they did that. What can I do here?’ That’s why it’s named the Leave Your Mark competition. This is an amazing place if you open yourself up to it,” Ball said.

SGA President Mitch Moore presented the idea to the Facilities Committee, which approved the project. Juan Gurrero was selected as the first mural design winner, and he added his mural to the tunnel by the Ruth Ann Musick Library before the fall 2015 semester. There is space for four other murals in the tunnel.

“Juan’s mural design showed the Fairmont State 150th anniversary really well, and we believed he could actually pull it off. Juan’s mural will stay in the tunnel for five years. By 2020 if we get people every year, which is the dream, we will start painting over them and start over. A whole generation of FSU students can see this artwork and enjoy it,” Ball said.

The new SGA secretary, Emily Buchanan, will lead the contest project to select the second mural design for the tunnel during the spring 2016 semester. SGA plans to promote the Leave Your Mark competition and open it up to all students. More details will be shared after the Winter Break.

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