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Honors Program Hosts Annual Quiz Bowl Impact
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Honors Program Hosts Annual Quiz Bowl

Oct 18, 2015

Fairmont State University’s Honors Program hosted its annual Quiz Bowl at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 17.  Nine teams from West Virginia high schools competed for first place. The schools participating in this year’s competition were Cameron High School, East Fairmont High School, Liberty High School, River View High School, South Harrison High School, University High School and Woodrow Wilson High School.

This year’s winning team was University High School. Victors were Noah Spencer, Sam Mathers, Lindsay Barton, and Griffin Nordstrom, with David McQuain as their faculty coach. Woodrow Wilson High School finished in second place, and Cameron High School was third.

The faculty advisors for each school are Xavier Garcia (EFHS), Kevin Smith (RVHS), Linda Shalaway (CHS), Stephen Howard (LHS), David McQuain (UHS), Lisa Stout (SHHS) and Mary Jo Snow (WWHS).

“The Quiz Bowl gives students an opportunity to test their knowledge against their peers. Working with younger students to help them develop their abilities give Honors students a chance to help others,” said Andrew Philpott, a lead member of the organizing committee.

Quiz Bowl has four categories: History, Pop Culture, English and Math and Science. Each team of four players competed in four rounds, answering questions by a moderator from Fairmont State’s Honors Program. Each round lasted 10 minutes, and students attempted to answer as many questions as possible within that time frame.

"Quiz Bowl provides a unique experience for high school students to interact with college students in an unusual environment conducive to learning and academia,” said Janalee Poe, Vice President of the Honors Program and a member of the Honors students organizing Quiz Bowl 2015.

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