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Khalil Nominated for Statewide Award Impact
Fairmont State News

Khalil Nominated for Statewide Award

Dec 21, 2006

Dr. Mohamad Khalil, Professor of Business Administration and Economics and a program coordinator for the School of Business at Fairmont State University, was nominated for the prestigious 2006 Cyrus R. Vance Award for International Education.

He was one of several educators and education organizations nominated for the award, presented by Kay Goodwin, Cabinet Secretary of Education and the Arts.

Created in 2001, the award is presented each year to an educator or educational organization at either the kindergarten through 12th grade or postsecondary level that best exemplifies Cyrus R. Vance's dedication to the understanding of international issues and affairs. A native of Clarksburg, Vance devoted nearly 50 years of his life to public service, particularly in the areas of international diplomacy and peacekeeping. A $5,000 gift is made to advance the winner's endeavors in the field of international education.

Dr. Rebecca Schaupp, former Dean of the School of Business at FSU, nominated Khalil for the award. Schaupp said Khalil's work has always been focused on student success and cultural enrichment.

"He is very conscientious and passionate when it comes to his role as an educator," Schaupp said.

"He has a strong rapport with students, not only in his classes, but also those he is assigned to advise. Dr. Khalil gives willingly of his time and energy to promote international education both on and off campus He has been a member of the West Virginia Consortium for Faculty and Course Development in International Studies for many years and has taken part in many of the organization's initiatives to promote the importance of international education."