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Delta X Omicron Wins Fund Drive Competition Impact
Fairmont State News

Delta X Omicron Wins Fund Drive Competition

Dec 12, 2006

By raising $803, sorority Delta Xi Omicron topped 16 other campus organizations in a Fairmont State Student Government competition to benefit the domestic violence shelter operated by HOPE, Inc.

The pledge from Delta Xi Omicron and other campus organizations will be made to HOPE, Inc., as part of Fairmont State's pledge to the United Way.

In all, Student Government raised $2,000 for HOPE as its annual Homecoming Week community service project in October.

"Everyone was pumped up because it was Homecoming Week. That, and the fact that this was competitive were the major factors that helped us raise so much money," said Alice Shrestha, Student Government Vice President.

Campus organizations raised money by holding bake sales, soliciting donations from local businesses and using collection boxes. Delta Xi Omicron raised money by holding Tag Days.

"Delta Xi Omicron is very active with HOPE, and we do a community service project for them every year," said Jane Miller, president of Delta Xi Omicron.

"We gave a bit of extra effort to the project since we had worked with them before. We tagged for money at local Shop and Saves for two days. This is how we were able to raise the money. I am very proud of our girls and glad we could give back to the community in a way that promotes FSU as well."