Workshops and Skills Labs

The LEAD Center hosts an array of regularly scheduled workshops and skills labs focused on enriching student learning. Topics covered include basic skills and course-specific skills. Sessions are held at opportune times during every semester. For specific dates, stay tuned to the library calendar, the Falcon Flyer, and our Facebook page.


Writing Process

Held within the first four weeks of the semester.

Geared towards students in introductory English courses, we'll learn how to tackle a large paper assignment. From outlines, bibliographies, research, and editing, our writing tutors will discuss four key stages and what works for them. Plus, troubleshooting common writing difficulties like writer's block.

Graphic Planning

Held within the first four weeks of the semester.

Together with Exploratory Advising, learn how a graphic planner can help you organize tasks, both academic and personal, and stay on top of your to-do list. Learn different planner layouts and styles, and hear from our presenters what did and didn't work for them. Most importantly, learn how to make paper planning fun (hint: stickers! and yes doodles!) and how you can stay engaged with a new system.

Note-Taking and Active Listening

Held within the first four weeks of the semester.

Learning is not a passive process! Join us and Exploratory Advising as we discuss techniques to help you be an active learner in lecture classes. Plus, we'll discuss how to master the art of note-taking, various styles and layouts, and how to modernize your note system!

Time Management

Held towards final exam week.

Time management is the key to success! Join Exploratory Advising as we learn the principles of prioritizing tasks, when you should start using a schedule, and different philosophies of time management. Part of a series with Planning.

April 1, 2021 Recording || Slides

Midday Meditation (Stress Management)

Held towards final exam week.

April 15, 2021 Recording