Information for Students

three students happily jumping below text Information for Students

Why should I visit The LEAD Center?

Learning doesn't stop when you leave a classroom. Peer educators are trained to help you develop more confidence in your academic skills and serve as a support network all semester.

Can you help me with my exam or quiz?

No. The LEAD Center has a strict no-cheating policy. We are happy to help you prepare for your exam, but will not help you take it.

How long is each session?

Appointments can be 30 minutes or 50 minutes. Drop-in sessions are as long as needed. On average, students stay for a little over an hour.

How often may I come in?

Students are encouraged to visit The LEAD Center as often as needed, though appointments are capped at 4 per week.

What should I bring?
You should bring the assignment or list of topics you are working on, notes, your book, and any teacher feedback.
Can I drop my paper off?

No. Peer educators will actively work with you to revise and edit your paper.

Will I get an A on my assignment or exam?

Peer educators are here to help you develop the skills necessary to be successful and confident in a course. However, ultimately your grades are your responsibility.

Will my professor know I visited The LEAD Center?

All information discussed during a visit to The LEAD Center is strictly confidential. We do, however, send usage reports to professors. If you do not want your professor to know you have visited you may indicate so upon signing in.

What are LEAD Workshops?

The LEAD Center holds a variety of regularly-scheduled workshops aimed at student success skills. Currently, we have:

  • Stress Management and Meditation
  • Time Management
  • Graphic Planning
  • Active Listening and Note-Taking

Visit our homepage to find out when the next workshop will be offered.