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Housing & Dining Accommodations Impact

Housing & Dining Accommodations

Fairmont State University is dedicated to ensuring that students with disabilities are able to fully participate in all aspects of University life. We believe that living on campus and being part of the campus community are integral parts of a students college experience. We strive to meet the housing and dining needs of students with documented disabilities.

Housing and dining accommodations are provided on a case-by-case basis. To qualify, the student must have a current condition that substantially limits a major life activity, and the accommodation request must be necessary and reasonable. A diagnosis, in and of itself, does not automatically qualify one for accommodations.

Some examples of housing and dining accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • A grab bar in the dorm bathroom
  • Roll in shower
  • Visual fire alarm
  • Gluten free meals

Please note that adjustments to a student’s residential space due to health-related symptoms that do not rise to the level of a significant disabling condition, such as living with a particular roommate, religious preference, proximity to academic/campus buildings, or desire for a quiet/undisturbed place to study are considered housing preferences. 

Key Information:

  • A housing release or exemption is not an accommodation. The OAS can make a recommendation to housing, but the decision to approve or deny a release or exemption request is made by housing.
  • For students who have trouble concentrating and studying in their room, a single room is not typically warranted. Students are encouraged to utilize quiet study spaces around campus such as the 3rd floor of the library.

Obtaining Housing and/or Dining Accommodations

  1. Apply for Housing and a meal plan
  2. Complete the entire OAS Registration Form
  3. Provide official and appropriate documentation of your disability as per the Documentation Policy.
  4. The Housing Committee will meet biweekly to review requests.