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Academic Accommodations Impact

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations may be implemented for lecture, online, labs, etc. These individualized accommodations are for the approved student only. Students and/or instructors should contact the OAS with any concerns. 

Some examples of academic accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time on exams
  • Alternative format textbooks
  • Note taking assistance
  • Sign language interpreting
  • Readers

*Please note that online attendance is typically not an option as an accommodation if a class is set-up to be taught in person.

*Please note that extended time on assignments is generally not appropriate for a diagnosis such as ADHD. You should develop organizational skills to ensure that you are getting assignments done on time. 

*Please note that missing class occassionally is only appropriate when a student has a chronic physical or mental condition/disability. This accommodation is not designed to comprehensively address and fully support a student who misses or is unable to participate in more that one week's worth of classes in succession, who missed a significant number of classes during the semester, or who misses numerous deadlines and course activities for medical or other reasons.

If you are interested in academic accommodation please follow the steps regarding the process on the main "Students" page. Accommodations will be determined based on the interactive process between the Accessibility Coordinator and student, the student's documentation, prior effective accommodations, and the current functional limitations of the student.

Key Information

  • Students must request their accommodations each semester in order to receive accommodation letters for that semester. This is done by completing a Semester Request. 
  • Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively. It is important to be proactive and seek help before it is too late.
  • Academic accommodations may vary from class to class based on the standards and requirements of each course.