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Be an RA Impact

Be an RA

Application are currently closed for 2021-2022. See everyone in February 2023!

Resident Assistants are responsible for fulfilling the goals and objectives that are described in the Residence Life Mission Statement. Overall, the primary objective is to create a living-learning environment that is conductive to promoting academic and personal growth among students and RAs.

Administrative and Operational Duties

  • RAs will provide the best possible customer service during weekly scheduled desk hours and on-call hours.
  • RAs will ensure the security of the building through regular rounds.
  • RAs will maintain a monthly journal, or at the discretion of the Residence Director, a log to keep track of regular communication with residents.
  • RAs will enforce the rules and regulations of University Housing.  RAs should know and support University and/or residence hall rules.  RAs will document all violations and participate as required in the student conduct system.
  • RAs will attend regular departmental meetings.
  • RAs will participate actively in departmental committees.
  • RAs will respond to crisis situations in the residence halls 24 hours a day when they are in the hall/on-duty.
  • RAs will serve as a resource, referral, and communication agent, which may including distributing paperwork, flyers, and brochures.  
  • RAs will serve as a liaison between residents and the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  • RAs will complete other duties as assigned.


  • RAs will provide personal help and assistance to residents. 
  • RAs will initiate and maintain contact with residents who appear to need support, and bring such cases to the attention of the Residence Director.
  • RAs will remain available and accessible to students.
  • RAs will maintain confidentially and be a positive role model at all times.
  • RAs will display enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward activities in the community.

Community Development and Programming

  • RAs will plan and participate in programs and activities for residents with the Residence Director.
  • RAs will offer support to and participate in programs and activities sponsored by the Office of Residential and Student Life.


  • RAs are permitted one weekend off during the following months: September, October, November, January, February, March, and April.  Candidates must be able to meet this standard.
  • RAs will be present in their residence halls before 12am (midnight) on Sundays through Thursdays, and by 2:00am on Fridays and Saturdays until the following morning.  RAs are allowed one night off per week (in addition to one weekend per month listed) where he or she is not required to meet this time frame.
  • RAs are permitted to be on campus and in an academic building past 12:00AM on Sunday through Thursday or out past 2:00AM on Friday or Saturday. These are to be used for academic purposes only. RAs are allotted one Academic Night Outs per week and must return to the building by 3:00AM. Candidates must be able to meet this standard.
  • RAs will be available to return before the residents to participate in Fall and Spring training.
  • University Terrace RAs are required to work through some breaks including Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks. 

Qualifications and Job Eligibility

  • RAs must be full time students, in good academic and student conduct standing, and have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA to be eligible for this position and to maintain the position.
  • RAs may only have one semester while in the position of below a 2.5 term GPA. If the RA has 2 consecutive semesters of below a 2.5 term GPA, the RA will not have his/her contract renewed.
  • RAs must have one year of previous residence hall experience, or other relevant experience.
  • RAs must demonstrate strong leadership, administrative, and communication skills. Experience planning student events and responding to crisis situations is preferred.
  • RAs must live in residence halls and must be able to navigate stairs and equipment associated with the position.
  • RAs should have an awareness of and sensitivity to others, a high level of maturity, sound judgment, emotional stability, flexibility, and willingness to accept responsibility.


  • Room and board scholarship
  • $1330 stipend per academic year.  The stipend is distributed over the course of an academic year and provided to the employee every two weeks.
  • RAs are additionally compensated if they chose to work during breaks. 

To Apply

  • Click View/Apply to Student Positions at Fairmont State University
  • Find the Resident Assistant position and apply