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Staff Impact


Fairmont State University's Residence Life staff members are dedicated to making your experience living on our campus as comfortable, safe, enriching, and enjoyable as possible.

If you have questions or concerns about living in Fairmont State's residence halls, this team has the answers.

Meet the Team

Alicia Kalka

Alicia Kalka

Interim Vice President of Student Success
 317 Turley Center

Tish Cavicchio

Tish Cavicchio

Special Assistant & Budget Manager, Enrollment & Student Life
 317 Turley Center

Jeremiah Kibler

Jeremiah Kibler

Director of Housing and Residence Life
 317 Turley Center

Justin Rader

Justin Rader

Associate Director of Orientation & Transition Programs 
 317 Turley Center

Haley Cochran

Haley Cochran

Housing Operations Manager 
 317 Turley Center 

Linda Toothman

Linda Toothman

Administrative Associate
 317 Turley Center

Tony Stingo

Tony Stingo

Maintenance Specialist
 317 Turley Center

Cody Haskiell

Cody Haskiell

Residence Director of Morrow, Pence, and Prichard Hall
 Morrow Hall 2nd Floor

Chris Heaton

Chris Heaton

Residence Director of University Terrace
 University Terrace Lobby Office

Sav Overstreet

Savanna Overstreet

Residence Director of Bryant Place
 626 Bryant Place