Fairmont State University's Office of Information Technology seeks to further the mission and vision of the university as a whole through support and service to the campus community, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration.

Desktop Support - Desktop Support staff provide hardware and software management for faculty and staff desktops, laptops, and printers, computer lab and classroom support, as well as multi-media and classroom technologies. Daniel Singleton, Team Lead

Information Technology Commons (Tech Commons) - The Tech Commons offers primary end-user support for students, faculty, and staff. The Tech Commons is staffed by Help Desk, Desktop Support, and Online Learning employees. Karen Beal, Manager

Networks, Servers, and Security - The NSS team is responsible for the management of the IT infrastructure, including the Fairmont State data center, all servers, backups, security, network, and bandwidth management, connectivity, and telecommunications (voice and data). They also oversee administrative functions for systems in support of institutional goals. Jon Dodds, Manager

Online Learning - Online Learning staff provide direct support to faculty in leveraging innovation and operational use of e-learning tools & systems in the classroom and distance learning initiatives. Viki McVaney, Support Specialist

Application Services - Application Services staff is charged with maintaining the technical and integration aspects of administrative systems, as well as data assurance.  These systems include the campus portal, student information systems, learning management systems, identity management systems, electronic lock systems, and websites while maintaining integration between these systems and others on campus. Senta Chmiel, Ph.D.,Team Lead

Campus Card Services – Campus Card Services staff are responsible for managing, maintaining, and upgrading Fairmont State’s ID card systems (transaction, identity, door access). They offer support and assistance for any campus ID card issue or question. ID cards are used in the library, recreation center (dependent on class registration), & door access (varies by building). ID cards are also used to attend campus events, access traditional meal & block plans with flex dollars or commuter meal plans, and make purchases at retail and dining locations (purchase of Falcon Dollars required). Shana Bock, Manager

Our work is supported by an executive secretary, Tina Malcomb, and more than 20 employees in the areas listed above.
 IT welcomes feedback on our operations from various campus stakeholders including administrators, faculty, staff, and students. 
To provide feedback on our services, please contact Joy Hatch, Ph.D., the Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology, or our Deputy CIO, Colton Griffin, at 304-367-4131.

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Room: 139 Ruth Ann Musick Library
Phone: 304.367.4810
General inquiries: 304.367.4131
Email: help@fairmontstate.edu

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Email us to request services or assistance: Help@fairmontstate.edu
Call for technical support: 304.367.4810
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