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ID Card Printing Impact

ID Card Printing

Adding Falcon Dollars to Print

To print to campus printers, you MUST have Falcon Dollar funds loaded to your campus ID card (pre-paid dollars). To load funds by a debit/credit card, log into the ID web portal - link is below. Instructions can be found online. Funds are applied in real time to your ID card account balance. A parent or guest can also add funds on your behalf. There is a $5 minimum deposit and a 3% service charge.

ID Web Potal  - Sign in with your UCA and Password.

Printing from a Campus Computer

  • Log in with your UCA and password
  • The default Printer is XeroxFindme on fsps1
  • Print your document (you will need to adjust your settings to your sepcifications - paper size, color or BW, or 1-sided or 2-sided)
  • Go to the Xerox printer of your choice
  • Swipe ID card and select Yes on the display (you will see your name and Falcon Dollar balance)
  • Next, select Release Jobs and select one or all of your print jobs - you can also delete jobs with the "trash can" icon on the bottom!
  • Your documents will then print out!*

*Your documents(s) will be held in a queue for 2 hours.

Web Printing Via a Web Browser

(PaperCut web interface - your printing end user account)

Web Printing is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. MUST be on the Student Wifi - not Guest or Cellular!
  • Log on to the PaperCut site
  • Enter your UCA and Password
  • Select Web Print on the left navigation bar
  • Next, click Submit a Job
  • Next, select the printer configuration you would like (BW, Color, 1-sided or 2 sided copies)
  • Next, Upload Documents
  • After uploading your document(s), click Upload & Complete
  • Swipe your ID card at any campus printing location - Select Release Jobs and Select the documents you want to print!

*Your documents(s) will be held in a queue for 2 hours.

There are Four Findme Printer Type Options to Choose:

  • findme color 2 sided
  • findme color 1 sided
  • findme bw 2 sided
  • findme bw 1 sided

Mobility Printing

(using your personal devices - either iOS or Android)

Mobility Print simplifies the printing process for bring your own devices (BYOD) and other end-user managed devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or Chromebooks.

MUST be on the Student Wifi - not Guest or Cellular! You will need to log in with your UCA and password the first time.

iOS User Instructions

View Instructions

Printing OneDrive Documents

  • Download the Office app
  • Sign in with your UCA and password - you will print from this app - it is synced with your OneDrive documents
  • Select Print
  • Select Airprint
  • Select xeroxfindme
  • Select Print -  it will process and you will then go to printer and swipe your ID card to replease your job.

Printing Emails/Photos

  • Print directly from mobile
  • Select Print
  • Select xeroxfindme
  • Select print

*Sometimes printng directly from your device can cause unformated documents - you can always save to your OneDrive and print that way

Android User Instructions

(instructions may vary)

View Instructions

  • Download the Mobilty Print App
    • This app will stay running on your phone at all times
    • You will not print from it!
  •  Next, Download the Office App
    • Sign in with your UCA and password
    • You will print from this app
    • It is synced with your OneDrive documents.

Jobs will be held for two hours. If a printer is not working, you can pick up your print job from any other printer on campus!

Select the Xeroxfindme Printer (air printer) - Make sure your mobile settings are how you want them.

Go to the printer of your choice and swipe your ID card to release you job!