What to Do

Every semester :

Come to the Office of Turley Student Services Center to make sure your SEVIS record is updated. It is important that you do this at the beginning of each semester, or you might become out-of-status. Before the end of a semester, you will be able to register for the next semester’s classes. You will need to see your academic advisor to receive your PIN and discuss what you want to do, then use FELiX to register. Make sure you have at least 12 hours (full-time).


If you have a hold on your account :

Log into myFairmontState. In the right column, there should be a box showing your account issues from FELiX. It will tell you if and why you have holds on your account.

High school transcript – You must have your high school submit an original, official copy of your transcript. If it’s in a language other than English, it must be officially translated.  Can be waived if transferring in 24+ credit hours.

Financial Aid – Submit a copy of your bank statement, or if someone else is supporting you, ask them to fill out a Sponsor Affidavit Form.

ACT/SAT score – Schedule your exam and take it. If you have a TOEFL score, you don’t need to get a high score on the exam. Please refer the admission page.

TOEFL score – You need to contact ETS and request that they send a copy of your TOEFL scores to us. These score reports will not be free. If you took the internet-based TOEFL, you may request score reports online at the TOEFL iBT registration site. If you took the paper-based TOEFL, you must call ETS at 1-609-771-7267 and request another score report. Our university offers the Instiutional TOEFL at mid-term and final if you are in the area.  Please contact the Department of Language & Literature at (304) 367-4717 for more information.


If you are planning to leave the U.S. :

If you are planning to leave the United States for any reason, you will need to make sure the travel signature on your Form I-20 is signed on page 2 and will remain valid until after you have returned. The travel signature is valid for one calendar year from the date of the original signature. If the travel signature date has expired or will expire while you are out of the country, you will need to come to the Turley Student Services Center.

Please plan ahead and take sufficient time.


If you have dependant(s) to bring :

You need to include them on your I-20, so make sure to submit their information when you apply.

Please refer F-Dependant page.