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In-State Traditions Scholarship Impact

In-State Traditions Scholarship

Additional Dollars to Cover Your Tuition/Fees

Effective for 2024-2025

Honoring our rich history, In-State Traditions Scholarship rewards academic achievement in high school based on grade point average.  The In-State Traditions Scholarship gives high school seniors who meet the criteria additional dollars to assist in covering their tuition and required fees. Fairmont State provides many opportunities for high achieving students, from first-class student services to participating in the Honors Program to interacting with faculty who are respected experts in their fields.

To Be Considered for the In-State Traditions Scholarship You Must

  • Be a WV resident
  • Be entering Fairmont State as a first time freshmen (no prior college beyond high school)
  • Complete your Fairmont State admissions file (general application, high school transcript) by August 1st. Applications completed after August 1st will be considered based on available funding. 

How Do You Qualify?

Level GPA Award
Victory Bell Scholarship 4.0 (+) $3,000 Annually
Columns Scholarship 3.75 $2,000 Annually
Kestrel Scholarship 3.5 $1,500 Annually
College on the Hill Scholarship 3.25 $1,000 Annually
Maroon & White Scholarship 3.0 $500 Annually

How Do I Renew the Scholarship?

  • Recipients must maintain an overall GPA of a 3.0 at the end of each academic year in order to renew subsequent years.
  • A minimum of 30 credit hours must be obtained each academic year of enrollment (fall, spring, and summer) for renewal.
  • It can only be awarded up to eight semesters.
The In-State Traditions Scholarship in addition to other scholarships cannot exceed the base tuition and fees for any student. Students who are admitted by 'exception' are not eligible for the scholarship.