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Emergency Operations Plan Impact

Emergency Operations Plan

Basic Emergency Operations Plan

Our Basic Emergency Operations plan includes response guidelines, operational procedures, building emergency plans and notification procedures among other measures in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. 

The Basic Plan provides an overall view of the emergency management program. Emergency management policies are spelled out in the Basic Plan. It guides the University  President in making decisions during times of crisis.

Annexes of the Basic Emergency Operations Plan

Annexes of the Basic Emergency Operations Plan provide more detailed planning for specific areas of response. Annexes outline the roles and responsibilities of each individual or unit contained in the plan.  They include:

Annex A Job Action Sheets (for Administrators)
Annex B National Emergency Management System (NIMS)
Annex C Emergency Risk Communication Plan
Annex E Campus General Evacuation, Shelter in Place and Lockdown Procedures
Annex F Special Event Emergency Planning Guide
Annex G Building Emergency Evacuation & Lockdown Plan (EEL)