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Campus Parking Impact

Campus Parking

A major concern for the campus community is accommodating visitor parking on campus. Given the fact there is very little surplus parking capacity (particularly during weekdays when classes are in session), providing adequate visitor parking for the many various purposes and events that bring guests to the campus is very challenging. The following procedures have been developed in an attempt to provide several visitor parking options for those persons, organizations or offices sponsoring events that will require parking in a consistent manner. These procedures will probably not address every possible situation. Therefore, persons are encouraged to contact the University Police Department concerning any questions about parking needs.

Parking Decals

All vehichles are required to obtain and properly display a parking decal for the current academic year in order to park on the Fairmont State University campus.  Those with a DMV issued handicap license plate or hangtag may park in any handicap parking space on campus unless specified as F/S only.  Current Fairmont State University Parking Decal is also required in order to park on campus. Anyone seeking a temporary handicap decal needs to go through his/her personal physician and state DMV.

Student Parking DecalsFaculty/Staff Parking Decals

Parking Map

There are designated areas on campus to park depending on your parking decal. Please view the Fairmont State University Parking Map to find out where you are able to park your vehicle.