United Way

A fundraising goal thermometer, with a goal of $30,000 at the top and just shy of 10% filled.As of Week 9, our campus has raised $18,635, which is 75% of our overall goal of $25,000.
Keep up the hard work!!


We are excited to begin our 2022 campus campaign! Tygart Valley United Way identifies the big-picture problems in our community and brings people together to solve them. They use a collective impact approach to address these problems, because they understand nobody can do it alone.

United Way aligns their efforts and partnerships – from business and nonprofit agencies to government institutions and schools – around data-focused goals. And, they bring partners to the table to work towards a common goal: a brighter future for everyone in the community.

Our campus goal is to raise $25,000 and increase our overall participation. Fairmont State University thrives when our community thrives.

This work is more important than ever and it starts with you