Prichard Hall

  • Double Room
    Double Room
  • Laundry
  • Prichard Hall Double Room
    Prichard Hall Double Room
  • Prichard Hall Kitchen
    Prichard Hall Kitchen
  • Prichard Hall Lobby
    Prichard Hall Lobby
  • Prichard Hall Lobby
    Prichard Hall Lobby
  • Prichard Hall Double
    Prichard Hall Double

Constructed in 1964 as the all-female counterpart to Pence Hall, the building now houses our Honors Living-Learning Community, in close collaboration with the Honors Program.  Prichard Hall is often the site of unique events and approaches meant to further the interests and abilities unique to its community.  

Extra Storage

Never worry about space again with Prichard Hall's built-in storage units.  With plenty of cabinets, closets, drawers, corkboards, shelves, and more built into the room, you will have room for everything and anything, all while opening up the rest of the room for a new TV or mini fridge!

Kitchen Access

Now is the perfect time to try mom's recipes for yourself.  Prichard's kitchen contains all of the appliances and counter space you need, with plenty of outlets to include your own devices.  Who needs a microwave when you can eat like this?

Study Lounge

For your privacy and convenience, Prichard Hall contains a large, fully-furnished study lounge.  In addition to weekly study hours, this facility is available anytime with comfortable chairs, large tables, and more to let you focus on your classwork.

Room Rates 2021 - 2022

Prichard Hall Double: $2,414.00 per semester