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Prichard Hall Impact

Prichard Hall

Prichard Hall is often the site of special events and approaches meant to further the interests and abilities unique to its community. Living here, you'll be surrounded by other dedicated Honors students, learning and studying together. In addition to its one-of-a-kind community, when you live at Prichard, you will also enjoy: 

Prichard Hall extra storage in room

Extra Storage

Never worry about space again with Prichard Hall's built-in storage units. With plenty of cabinets, closets, drawers, corkboards, shelves, and more built into every room, you will have space for everything and anything, all while opening up the rest of your room for a new TV or mini fridge! 

Kitchen Access 

You can do better than ramen or frozen meals: try out some family favorite recipes for yourself in Prichard's kitchen. It contains all of the appliances and counter space you'll need, with plenty of outlets to include your own devices. Who needs a microwave when you can eat like this?

Prichard Hall Kitchen
Prichard Lobby

Study Lounge

For your privacy and convenience, Prichard Hall contains a large, fully-furnished study lounge. This facility is available anytime with comfortable chairs, large tables, and more to let you focus on your classwork. 

Prichard Hall Room Rates

Double: $2,611.00 per semester 

Reaching Students Living in Prichard Hall 

Need to reach someone who lives in Prichard Hall? Or are you a resident looking to have something sent to yourself? Use the mailing address below: 

Student's Name 
300 Falconcrest Lane 
Prichard Hall Room # 
Fairmont, WV 26554-2486 

You can also reach out to the office of the residence director at (304) 368-7230. The resident assistant's phone line is also open 24 hours a day: it can be reached at (304) 612-7035 

Contact Us 

Have questions about Prichard Hall? The Office of Residential and Student Life can help.  

Office of Residential and Student Life 
Turley Center Suite 317
Phone: 304-367-4216