About Us

Alicia Kalka

Director of Housing and Residence Life, Campus Judicial Officer

303N Turley Center

(304) 367-4754

Dr. Timothy Rice, PhD

Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life

318 Turley Center

(304) 367-4917

Tish Cavicchio

Housing Operations Manager

303J Turley Center

(304) 367-4943

Marah Fluharty

Area Advisor of University Terrace

University Terrace North 1st Floor

(304) 367-4949

Zachary Hatfield

Interim Residence Hall Director of Morrow, Prichard, and Pence Halls

Morrow Hall RD Office

(304) 368-7230

Alexis Keller

Residence Director of Bryant Place

626 Bryant Place

(304) 368-7253

Student Staff

We offer several opportunities for employment to our students in an effort to promote leadership and community involvement.  There are three groups of student staff you may interact with:

Assistant Resident Directors and Resident Assistant

These staff members are para-professional workers with extensive training.  RAs live in the residence halls and are peer leaders to other students.  We always recommend that students go to their RA first with any questions they have!  Your RA lives on your wing with you, and will also be available several evenings a week, so they are always accessible.

Desk Monitors

In order to provide customer service and residence hall security, we employ desk monitors.  They have a station at the main entrance of every building and can answer many questions, or refer you to someone more knowledgeable.

Office Assistants

Students with exceptional organizational and customer service skills work with us in the central housing office, and in the offices of our professional staff around campus.  You will likely speak to one of these staff members if you come to the housing desk in the Turley Center, but rest assured that they are extremely capable, and will have the answers you need!